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VLSI Verification Course Training (Bangalore & Chennai)

Ampere VLSI Academy, offers a high-profile VLSI Verification course, Bangalore in the field of Semiconductor design. Ampere VLSI Academy, have structured the course to have right mix of lectures combined with lab projects to transform a graduate engineer to a skilled work force in Verification domain which is on demand today across the globe.

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Best VLSI Verification Training in Bangalore & Chennai

About Ampere

Ampere VLSI Academy, a division of Mobiveil Technologies, is offering a high- profile VLSI Verification course in the field of Semiconductor design. Semiconductor job market in India is at its peak since its inception and the skill availability vs demand never matches. Career in semiconductor design is considered niche and the remuneration are way high compared to any other career in software industry.

As a best VLSI Training Institute in Bangalore and Chennai; Ampere provides project experience in cutting edge technologies like PCIe-Express, DDR4, AXI Interconnect and SOC verification with assured Job Placement VLSI training program.

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Why Ampere

Courses designed by industry experts
Floated by Mobiveil and executed by its Veterans
Access to advanced industry tools for design and verification
Technical Assistance available any time by the experts
Frequent Brainstorms by the experts to enhance yourself
Group discussion on verification concepts
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Our Mission

At Ampere VLSI Academy, a division of Mobiveil Technologies, our mission is to empower electronics graduates to realize their full potential by imparting specialized knowledge and practices required by the semiconductor Industry.


Transforming a Fresh graduate to a skillful Verification Engineer to meet the current Domain requirement demanded by the market across the Globe.

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Salient Features

Merit Scholarship
Internship Assurance
Placement Assistance

Course Content

Semiconductor Overview
Digital Electronics
Verilog HDL
Verification Concepts
Protocol Training
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Who should opt for these VLSI training/VLSI design courses?

VLSI is pretty appropriate for Bachelors and master degree holders in the fields related to electrical, electronics and computer science. People from an engineering background are also highly preferable in these VLSI training institutes, as they will have a pretty good hold over the basics of VLSI and SOC Design.

What is the scope of VLSI design?

The rise in smart phones and our dependence on the machines for our day to day actions have amped up the needs for certified SOC design engineers, increasing the number of VLSI training institutes all over the world. All the smart devices we use have a dedicated chip, constructed using a VLSI process. Even our cloud services and servers use chips designed by users certified by VLSI design engineers.It is safe to say that the scope of VLSI and SOC design engineers is on a tremendous rise.

Are the VLSI courses useful for ECE/EEE/CSE/E&I students?

If you have an Engineering degree that is anyhow related to Electrical, electronic or computer science, then you are more than eligible to take these VLSI courses head-on. It can be really useful considering that you are already well educated in VHDL design and the fundamentals of Chip design using a VLSI process.

What is the role of a VLSI design engineer?

A VLSI design engineer serves as the most important key in a semiconductor or SOC designing institute. They get input data and requirements from the customer or the team handling the customers. With the help of sufficient data, they make the necessary calculations for manufacturing a functional Semiconductor design.

Does Ampere offer placement support?

At ampere, we make sure that all our students are industry-ready when they finish our VSLI training courses and head out to join the workforce. We make it a point to get all our student’s proper leads, referrals and support with them for jobs in companies across our industry.

What is the duration of Ampere’s VLSI design course in Bangalore & Chennai ?

We have put together a VLSI design course that will run its course for 4 months in total. Our VLSI training centre helps our students learn the construction of semiconductor chips through practical design.

What are the career prospects after I complete VLSI training in your dedicated VSLI training centre?

VLSI design engineers are very sought after in recent days, thanks to the immense rise in automation. A lot of Companies are looking to hire engineers that are well trained in practical as well as Verilog HDL program design.

Do the VLSI courses in Ampere, Bangalore & Chennai help me with Verilog HDL?

Our team has put together a course that emphasizes on the software and coding part of SOC design as it does on the manufacture and design. We have separate classes dedicated to Verilog HDL and system Verilog to make our student’s industry experts within a matter of 4 months.

What is verification in VLSI design?

Our VLSI design course trains every student on the fundamental steps of VLSI verification, to ensure proper working of all the Semiconductor chips that are manufactured. Ampere uses real-time verification scenarios to educate students through practical approaches.

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