Courses Offered

Professional Development course on VLSI Verification (5 months Full time course)

Ampere VLSI Academy, a division of Mobiveil Technologies, offers a high-profile VLSI Verification course in the field of Semiconductor design. Ampere VLSI Academy, a division of Mobiveil Technologies, has structured the course to have right mix of lectures combined with lab projects to transform a graduate engineer to a skilled work force in Verification domain which is on demand today across the globe.

At Ampere VLSI Academy, a division of Mobiveil Technologies, our mission is to empower electronics graduates to realize their full potential by imparting specialized knowledge and practices required by the semiconductor Industry.

A graduate / Post Graduate with Electrical/ Electronics / Communication/ Computer engineering background will benefit from this training platform which is designed to meet the current industry needs.

Ampere VLSI Academy , a division of Mobiveil Technologies, course differentiates from similar courses in the following ways
Solid Digital/Verilog foundation
State of the art VLSI verification concepts
Extensive training on SV/UVM
Hands on project experience in cutting edge technologies like PCIe, DDR, AXI Interconnect, SoC verification
Access to Industry Standard tools
Training by Industry experts

Salient features of the Course

Course Duration
5 Months
Course Eligibility/In-take Procedure
Engineering degree – ECE, EEE, CSE, E&I, Equivalent Master Engineering Degrees., M.Sc. Electronics
Written test – Digital/Analog Electronics, C, C++, Analytical
Technical Interview
Placement Assistance
Our team with rich network in semiconductor industry for over 20 years will provide placement assistance across several companies.

Course Contents

Course Duration – 5 Months

Semiconductor Overview

  • ASIC/FPGA Technologies & Flow
  • EDA Tools

Digital Electronics - Duration. 10 days

  • Introduction To Logic Gates
  • Combinational/Sequential Logic Circuits
  • Frequency Division Using Counters
  • Finite State Machine
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Digital Circuits
  • Clock Domain Crossing, Low Power Design Techniques
  • Setup And Hold Time

Verilog HDL - Duration. 15 days

  • Introduction to Verilog, Data Types, Operators
  • Compiler Directives And System Tasks
  • Task & Function, Data Flow Modeling
  • Behavioral Modeling, Verilog For Design
  • Combinational/Sequential Logic Design
  • Synthesizable RTL For Design
  • Verilog For Verification, Timing Controls
  • Conditional Statements, Loops
  • Sequential And Parallel Blocks
  • Advanced Verilog For Verification, Timing Checks

Verification Concepts - Duration. 5 days

  • Real-time verification scenarios

System Verilog - Duration. 20 days

  • Data Types – Arrays, Queue
  • Array Manipulation Methods
  • Structures, Unions, Task And Function
  • Task and Functions
  • Interface, Virtual Interface, SV Classes
  • Mailbox, Packages, Compilation Unit, Processes
  • Randomization And Constraints, SV Assertions

Protocol Training - Duration. 10 days

  • PCIe or DDR or AXI

UVM - Duration. 20 days

  • UVM Introduction, Factory and Overrides
  • UVM Reporting, Transaction Level Modeling
  • UVM Driver, Sequencer, Monitor, Agent
  • UVM Environment, Test, Phases, Sequence
  • Virtual Sequence and Virtual Sequencer
  • UVM Scoreboard, Callbacks, Configuration Management
  • Register Abstraction Layer(RAL)
  • Functional Coverage Model and Subscriber
  • Reference Model

Real Time Project Training - Duration.20 Days

  • Students will get a chance to work on a Active Real Time Project involving AXI Interconnect/PCI Express and build their professional expertise.

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